OBE(Outcome Based Education)

Programme PEOs.

 The graduates Food Engineering programme will achieve the following PEOs. 


Demonstrate sound knowledge of food engineering, to attain high level of technical expertise in solving complex engineering problems to meet the needs of the society.


Demonstrate team work and project management skills in a multidisciplinary environment through effective communication and professional ethics.


Offer sustainable solution for environmental challenges and pursue lifelong learning for professional development.


PEOs to PLO Mapping

           Program Education Objectives (PEOs)
                             PLOs        PEO1        PEO2        PEO3
1 Engineering Knowledge            ✔    
2 Problem Analysis            ✔    
3 Design/Development of Solutions           ✔    
4 Investigation           ✔    
5 Modern Tool Usage           ✔    
6 The Engineer and Society           ✔    
7 Environment and Sustainability                  ✔
8 Ethics                 ✔  
9 Individual and Team Work                 ✔  
10 Communication                ✔  
11 Project Management                ✔  
12 Lifelong Learning                  ✔