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Chairman's Message

It is my pleasure and great honor to welcome you to Food Engineering Department. Despite of the recent evolution made in food sector, numerous challenges are still imminent. The bachelors of Food Engineering program is designed to bring advancements in the field of food engineering. It is necessary to create development and innovative strategies to increase agricultural and food production sustainability, improve global supply chains, decrease food losses and wastes, decrease environmental impact, save energy and ensure safe and nutritious food for all.

The undergraduate program includes core engineering & interdisciplinary study, basic computer knowledge, management skills, humanities and basic science subjects.Food Engineering department prepare the graduates to increase and enhance knowledge, raise critical thinking, developed ability to analyze information technically. I am pleased to welcome your interest in Food Engineering Department. And wish you a very prosperous and delightful experience with us.


 Food Engineering is considered a specialized Engineering field. Food Engineers are trained in the application of Food science, Engineering principles and Mathematics in order to provide economical solutions to technical problems of food processing industries; significantly contribute in development of new food products and their manufacturing processes, and fulfilling social, commercial, or similar needs of industry.

NEDUET has launched a B.E in food engineering in year 2011 in order to fulfill the need of food industry. Presently, Department offers four year Undergraduate Program with batch size of 35 students. Our Alumni are serving as Professional Engineers in Nation’s leading food allied industries like Dalda Foods Pvt Ltd, Hilal Foods Pvt Ltd, National Food Ltd, Agro Processors Pvt Ltd, Pearl Confectionary, Ismail Industries Pvt. Ltd,etc.

Department implemented Outcome Based Education (OBE) for Undergraduate Program. 

Career opportunity

The Degree holders may work in Food Manufacturing & Processing industries, Quality Assurance & Control, Food safety auditor, Research and Development etc.

NEDUET Vision:

"Be a leader in enabling Pakistan's social and economic transformation".

NEDUET Mission:

"Acquire education and research excellence in engineering and allied disciplines to produce leadership and enabling application of knowledge and skills for the benefit of the society with integrity and wisdom".

Vision of the Food Engineering Department

The vision of the Food Engineering Department is

“To provide high quality professionals for the food processing and allied industries.”

Mission of the Food Engineering Department

The mission of the Food Engineering Department is

“To produce competent Food Engineers capable of applying knowledge and skills for solving complex problems of society in general and Food industry in particular by high quality research, education and innovation demonstrating highest professional standard and ethics.”